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Miami  Downtown (East)

Miami Beach

  Miami, the financial capital of Florida is a business and tourist family town. The downtown is full of very tall and beautiful building on sea coast.

There is shopping mall and row of resturants on coast. You must visit this place in day and stay till evening to see both day and night view.

View our picture gallary to see the beauty.

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South Beach

South Beach

South Beach is of Maimi and most popular beach. There are lot of hotels, restaurants. There are lot of tours in Maimi that bring you to this destination. There are night clubs too near by. so if you are staying near south beach you can walk to Beach during day and to night club in night.

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North Beach

Niagara Falls

Miami Beach  is also called as North Beach of Miami. This is beautiful place. You need to drive/take a cab from Downtown to reach miami beach. You need to cross the bridge over sea. It looks spectecualar in night.

iami beach is on atlantic coast and major tourist center.



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Western Miami

Things to do

Westen Miami is mostly residential area.  There is nothing much to see here. 

You will notice that houses are of different type compared to New York or Seattle.  This is beacuse of Warm weather and sunside Florida get. If you are planning to settl down in Miami, then you want to visit Western Miami.

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Recommended Tours

Miami Downtown

Miami downtown

Miami is commercial capital of Florida. Many businesses as head quarters in Miami downtown.  Next to Atlantic sea there are huge buildings, hotels in Miami downtown.

The downtown area provides great shopping places to buy gift. One must spend a evening to have dinner in Miami downtown on Sea Coast.


Millionaire row

Miami Downtown

As name suggest Millionaire row is series of houses costing 10-50 million.Millionaire row is located between north and south beach. These houses are very big and on water front.

When a you take a boat tour - the most famous tour is on millionaire row, where boat will drive you around these houses and provide guided entertainment - who owns which house, approximate price.   

You will also see new construction. 

Museum of natural history is very famous.  There is movie "Night in the museum" is based on this museum. Children love this movie.

 Theme Parks - Disney

South Goa

Disney World is 4 hour drive from Miami. It is in Orlando,  Kissimmee area. 

 Disney world have

  • 4 main theme parks
  •  2 water parks.
  • ESPN world
  • Interactive

 Universal Studio and Sea world also theme parks in Orlando area.



Naples and Everglades


Naples is on south west of Florida. Naples is very near to Everglades. You can get tour to Evergldes natioal park. Big motor boats or guided kayak tours are available.

You can watch alligators in this tour. Visit Totch's Island and near by areas.

There are lot of companies providing tours from very fast boats to big boats and even Kayak.

Key West

Dodhsagar falls

Key West is an island in South of Florida.

There ia beautiful drive from Miami to Key West. The sunset view from Key West is great and there are cruise available to view the sun set.

You can enjoy the company of dolphins by having a dolphin tours.

Most of beaches on Key West are bets places for  Scuba Diving, Snorkeling.

East Coast Tour


Atlantic ocean and beaches start from Miami.  Next to it is Hollywood, fort Lauderdale and then Palm beach.  All of beaches have similar water and sand.

Maimi is crowded with tourist. Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Palm beach are less crowded. However beaches are extremly good here too.

 Depending on number of days of your trip - you can plan to see  all or few beaches.. Our US City Trip side gives you complete information about all USA states, US cities. 


There are 1000 of wonderful places in USA - natural beauty, historical, beaches, urban areas.